Welcome to the website and blog for the Tangent branch of Crop Production Services.

We are joining the new millennium!

We want to make this website as useful to you as possible.  Your suggestions are welcome!  Feel free to drop us an email or talk to your fieldman about what you'd like to see on our blog.  If you have suggestions for links or articles we'd love to hear them.

We'll be using this blog as a forum to post our newsletters and update you with current information on subjects like chemical label changes, new products, or how disease and weather trends are affecting our crops.  As we move forward we hope to compile a nice list of useful links for weather information, commodity prices, and general ag news.  We'll also work on some informational articles, spotlight the employees of the Tangent branch, and post regular updates of what is going on in the field.  We may also get some guest authors from time to time so stay tuned.

Thanks for joining us and thank you for your support!