CPS Technology Today

Jammie Wutzke is the CPS Division Precision Ag Specialist.  She works with all of the Cascade/Columbia Division branch locations as a liaison with the technology companies and organizations, the CPS fieldmen and our customers.  Jammie will be making periodic contributions to the Tangent Blog whenever she comes across something interesting.  Thanks Jammie.

Jammie Wutzke
CPS, Division

Last Thursday OSU’s North Willamette Research and Extension Center hosted a meeting on Technology and Innovative Solutions for Agriculture.

The main goals of the workshop are to make participants aware of:
  1. How the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission efforts are leading the way for technology advancements in Washington State.
  2. The vision of the College of Agriculture Sciences for technology and innovations
  3. The engineering capacity at OSU to solve agricultural problems.
  4. The needs of the agricultural industries in regard to technological and innovative solutions.
  5. How OSU can best meet the needs of those industries.
The speakers included:
  • Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy, Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Director of Branch Experiment Stations; 
  • Dr Jim McFerson, Director of Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission; 
  • Dr Belinda Batten, School Head & Professor, Dynamics and Control, College of Engineering; 
  • Mary Cook Swanson of  Swanson Partners LLC lead the strategic Planning Session; 
  • Clark Seavert, Superintendent, Staff Chair and Professor, OSU-NWREC lead the technology breakout session. 

The purpose of the meeting was to determine if partnerships could be made with NWREC, College of Engineering, the private sector, and our Washington State neighbors.  There seems to be interest in developing an OSU Technology Center where the public and private sectors work together to offer technological solutions for agriculture.  If you are interested in learning more there will be PNW Engineering Solutions for Specialty Crops workshop to be held at the end of July in Washington State.  Dates are not yet established but I will pass them along when they are set. 

In the mean time if you are sitting on an idea and need help in getting it launched,  Clark Seavert may be able to lead you to the right resource at OSU.  Have a talk with your CPS fieldman about who to talk to and how to get in contact with those involved in this project.

I’m looking forward to what new technologies and graduates will “spin out” of this future program.