Hyslop Farm Research Plot Tour

Tanner Sheahan

Tuesday afternoon was a nice, wet, typically-Oregon, winter day.  It was also the day we toured Hyslop Farm with the OSU research team.  Several of the fieldmen from other CPS locations in the Valley joined the Tangent crew to look at several research trials.  Dan Curtis and Barbara Hinds-Cook guided us through the plots. 

The highlight of the tour was the multi-species screening trial organized by Dan and Barbara.   A lot of work goes into this particular trial and there is always something new to learn every year.  We will be walking through this trial again later in the year to get an idea of how these treatments hold up through the Spring.  Take some time to talk to your CPS fieldman about what we saw in this trial this year.

We also looked at more research being conducted on winter wheat with all the different chemistries that are now available as well as OSU's work on Eptam in carbon plantings, Huskie for broadleaf control, and several products for rattail fescue control in wheat.

We learn a lot in these trials and we give a big thanks to Dan Curtis and Barbara Hinds-Cook for their work in designing the trials and making all the applications.  Also a thanks to Andy Hulting and Carol Mallory-Smith for their work in the Extension and Weed Science Departments and for joining us in the rain to review these trials.