The Loveland Connection

Who Is Loveland Products Inc. (LPI)?

LPI is a manufacturing based company embedded into Crop Production Services to provide an exclusive, branded, line of products solely to Crop Production Services.  

Loveland Products Inc. offers a complete line of high performance input products.  Our portfolio of seed treatment, plant nutrition, fertilizer, adjuvant and crop protection products are second to none.  We are consistently striving to bring new, unique chemistries to the marketplace to provide innovative solutions to problems across the agricultural industry.  One clear strength with LPI is our ability move quickly in pursuing chemical labels.  Many of you are already benefitting from the Special Local Needs (24c) and Section18 labels we have acquired for the crops in this specialty market.   

The combination of high performance, premium quality products, and the knowledge and service of the Crop Production Services team, makes Loveland Products a great value for any operation.  In a market where generic brands are increasingly prevalent, LPI has focused on adding value, technology, and efficacy to the products we offer in addition to competitive pricing.

Contact a member of your local Crop Production Services team to learn more about the LPI product line.