Meadowfoam Fly

Jason Bennett

The Meadow Foam Fly (Scaptomyza Fly) is beginning to show up in the Southern part of the Willamette Valley.  You may have noticed the yellow sticky traps out in some the Meadow Foam fields. 

Typically we don't see treatable numbers until after February 15th.  But with the warmer than normal temperatures that we are seeing so far this year we are starting to get some fields very close to treatable levels for the Fly.  Here is link that talks about the research that was done on the Scaptomyza Fly 10years ago using Bifenthrin (Brigade),Control of Scaptomyza Fly in Meadow Foam with Bifenthrin. 
Make sure and talk to your fieldman about just when you should spray your Meadow Foam fields.