Palisade Research on Wheat

Tanner Sheahan

Joe Cacka, the Cascade/Columbia Division Senior Agronomist is conducting research to back a Section 18 Emergency Exemption label for the growth regulator Palisade on wheat in Oregon.

Palisade is NOT currently labeled for use on wheat in Oregon.  In the research data collected for this project, Palisade has proven to be a very useful tool in reducing the chance of lodging on small grains without detrimental effects of grain yield.  Lodged grain crops are very expensive in that it results in a tremendous loss of both time and revenue for growers.  Combine speed at harvest is often only 10% of normal and loss of grain out the back of the machine is greatly increased.

Syngenta and CPS are backing the research financially with Joe Cacka placing his official seal on the research being conducted now.  Syngenta has been working hard in talks with ODA to provide all the paperwork and research data needed to get this emergency exemption label approved.

Click here to check up on this label at the ODA website.