Warehouse Fumigation

Ira Zipperer

Chloropicrin is no longer labeled for fumigation of seed warehouses.  We, at the Tangent branch  of CPS, have been researching alternatives.

Phosphine products, such as EcoFume, Fumitoxin and Gastoxin, are very corrosive to electronics and many metals so these products are not an option around any electrical devices (motors, scales, computers, etc).  The tablet forms can take as long as ten days to complete a fumigation.

Profume seems to be our best alternative.  This product requires some expensive equipment for injection and monitoring which will be a capital investment on our end.  Also, it requires thorough sealing of the warehouse buildings prior to treatment which will be an investment of time on your end.  This product requires a longer monitoring time than chloropicrin and the buildings must then be aerated and chemical levels monitored by the licensed fumigator before workers can reenter.

The benefits to Profume are a much more thorough job of fumigating and a much safer product overall.

It will take some experience on our part to learn the amount of product needed and the exposure time required for each warehouse.  These factorscould change with different weather conditions.

There is definitely a learning curve here but you can count on us to bring you the best options available.  We plan to host a meeting for all interested parties when we know a little more about it all.  Stay tuned!