Flying with Kent Wooldridge

Tanner Sheahan

I had the great opportunity to go flying with Kent Wooldridge of TransAg, Inc.  Kent is a local ag pilot and does a lot crop spraying, seeding, and fertilizing by air around the mid-Willamette Valley.  He didn't do any aerial acrobatics while I was with him, I was thankful for that.

Here are a few of the pictures I snapped while we were up there.

Looking Southeast, Shedd is directly behind me.
Looking Southwest with the Halsey mill in the background, busy making lime...and probably some paper.
Looking Southeast over the city of Halsey
Looking Northwest towards Saddle Butte.
Looking West over Tangent Drive.

I was amazed at how much water there is when you get a chance to see the Valley from that perspective.  A big thanks to Kent for taking me up.