Nut Chaser on Filberts

Tanner Sheahan
CPS Tangent

We are quickly approaching optimal timing for Nut Chaser in filberts.  Nut Chaser is a foliar fertilizer blend of micronutrients developed by Joe Cacka, CPS agronomist for the Cascade/Columbia division.  Joe's research has shown that a mid-May application followed by a mid-June application gave the highest and most consistent bump in yield and kernel quality.  Nut Chaser is also compatible with all fungicides and insecticides so a special trip across the field is not necessary.

Here is a link to the sheet summarizing three years of research trials and here's a sheet showing yield data as well as the importance of calcium and boron in nut production.  The Nut Chaser label shows recommended rates and the product analysis.

Talk with your CPS fieldman about Nut Chaser rates and timing.