Part-time Fumigation Trainee opening

Curt Dannen
CPS  4/8/10
As many of you know, we are back to fumigating warehouses again. Since we have started fumigating with the new product "Profume" we are finding this process to be more labor intensive and requiring specialized training in these applications. Since our current sales & operational staff is quite busy, we have decided to look for a helper to assist our "chief fumigator", Ira Zipperer.  This position will primarily be weekend work, that also spills over into the weekday. It is not full-time in nature, but the schedule is driven by demand and seasons. Ideally someone who is not looking for full-time work, but wanting something with limited hours would be ideal.  Below is a description of what we need and credentials we would like that person to achieve.  There is more information about the fumigation process here.
Position description:
Fumigation Applicator Trainee - Valid ODL reqd, prefer Class C CDL w/Haz Mat endorsement or willing to obtain.  Applicant must be willing to obtain Oregon Commercial Pesticide Application license w/IIH Space Fumigation endorsement. Able to operate or learn to operate mobile laptop computer, monitoring and injection equipment, and train on proper and safe use of SCBA equipment. Seal and prepare seed and grain warehouses for fumigation of rodents and other pests. Willing to climb ladders and work out of a man cage to plug holes in building. Experience in forklift operation. Basic math skills for calculating cubic feet in a building. Basic mechanical skills to operate simple hand tools and power tools (drill, circular saw, etc). Able to drive a one ton truck pulling a 14' cargo trailer with placarded fumigant. Ability to handle 200# cylinders with aid of others or lifting mechanisms. Candidate must pass both a pre-employment drug screen and criminal background check. This is  primarily a weekend position and will be ongoing.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in this position have them call Curt Dannen at the Tangent Branch 541-928-3391.