ZP Now Labeled for Clover, Below Ground Only

Josh Nelson
CPS Tangent

A few days ago Jason posted the new labels for ZP use on grasses grown for seed.  We now have a label for ZP Ag Pellets for vole control in "clover grown for seed, forage or hay; clover/grass mixtures; and pasture."  This label is for year around use but is legal for below ground, hand baiting only

Here is a link to the label.

ZP use clover is only approved in Oregon and this label is valid until December 31, 2014, unless otherwise suspended or amended by ODA.

Clover fields have had a tendency to develop a serious vole problem in the past.  Now that zinc-phosphide pellets are a legal option we can stay ahead of the voles.  Talk with your CPS fieldman about the use of ZP for vole control.