CPS Tangent Plot Tour

Tanner Sheahan
 CPS Tangent

We will be hosting a tour of the wheat plots out on Hwy 34 next Thursday for anyone who is interested in seeing multiple varieties side by side.  We have five varieties of winter wheat; Goetze, Tubbs06, Badger, Westbred 528, and Sounder, a feed wheat.  Across all the varieties we also have high nitrogen treatments with and without growth regulators.  With the wind and rain this week the various treatments are really starting to show up.

We also have three varieties of Camelina planted at this location.  Camelina belongs to the mustard family and is grown for the oil which is used primarily in biofuels.  OSU has done quite a bit of work with Camelina in recent years so this would be a good opportunity to see the crop first hand.

Here is a link to a flyer for the tour.

What:   CPS Tangent Plot Tour
When:  Thursday, May 27, 2010
Where: Meet at the CPS branch in Tangent
Who:    CPS Tangent fieldstaff

We have a couple other wheat trials at two other locations.  Talk with you CPS Fieldman if you are interested in seeing the other trials.

See ya there!