Hyslop Field Day

Jason Bennett
CPS Tangent

Coming up on May 26th from 8AM-4PM OSU will be having its Hyslop Farm Field Day.  At the field day you will get to see first hand different plots dealing with Grass Seed, Cereals, Oil Seed, and the insects that infect them.
In Cereals they will cover Breeding, Disease Management, Fertility, and Weed Management.
In Grass Seed they will talk about the different management practices in Tall Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass and also Choke management in Orchardgrass.
You will also get to a chance to learn about Canola and Meadowfoam Breeding, along with Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus and Bee Pollination.

Cost is $0 and the lunch is provided by the OSU Crops Club. 
Hyslop Farm Field Day