CPS Tangent Plot Tour Review

Tanner Sheahan
CPS Tangent

We had a great turn out for our plot tour on Thursday.  Many of our customers braved the chance of rain to come check out our plots at the research farm on Hwy 34.  We also had Chris Mundt, OSU Plant Pathologist, and Andy Hulting, OSU Extension Weed Specialist, as well as Dave Lockwood from Corvallis Feed and Seed.
Gathered under the awning after looking at the plots.  The rain held out just long enough.  Thanks to Fred Wutzke for putting together the coffee and cookies
A highlight of these plots was AP Badger, a new wheat variety available through a partnership with Agri-Pro (a Syngenta owned company) and Crop Production Services.  It has been developed in Idaho and looks very promising for our market.  They are producing seed stock this year and some certified seed should be available through CPS for growers next year.  Talk to your fieldman about this new variety soon so we can be sure to get seed stock reserved for next year.
A look at the wheat plots.  We had Tubbs06, Goetze, AP Badger, Sounder, and Westbred528
We also had three varieties of Camelina planted at the farm.  There's not a lot of information out there on this oilseed crop yet but it holds some potential to be a rotational option for growers in the Willamette Valley. 
Camelina plots.
A big topic of discussion at the tour was stripe rust in wheat.  We've posted several articles and pictures over the last couple months illustrating the advancement of the disease in our area as well as describing the HTAP resistance in Goetze.  Chris Mundt was able to shed a little light on this situation in saying that it is believed that we are now dealing with a new race of stripe rust that, believe it or not, started elsewhere and has circled the globe making its way to the PNW.  He said the initial infections probably got started last fall and were able to advance by several generations during the unusually warm January and February we had here.  I put together this handout for the tour to put some Growing Degree Day and precipitation information side-by-side for the last several years.  This gives you some real numbers to compare the last eight years and makes it apparent that this year is in fact unusual.  We started the year well ahead on GDD's but have now fallen behind the average.  There are also a couple pictures at the bottom of the handout to show the progression of the disease over the last couple months.

The warmer-than-usual weather in January and February and the cooler-than-usual weather in March, April, and May coupled with the early infection of a new race of stripe rust has created the perfect storm for disease advancement.  Chris Mundt gave further evidence of this by saying that this is the first time in 22 years that he has observed any significant stripe rust on the Stephens variety of winter wheat.  Stripe rust in winter wheat and the wet weather that is prolonging the problem even made a featured story on Fox12 Portland news last night.

OSU still has confidence that Goetze is a good variety for us.  With stripe rust being driven by weather it's a tough year to make any serious conclusions other than the fact that it's a tough year.  We can't give up on Goetze yet.  On a drier year we want the high yield potential Goetze has to offer.

There have been several of these plot tours over the last week or so, including the Hyslop Farm tour and a couple North Valley tours.  The take home message on the stripe rust has been that the need for fungicides is now.  In other words, if you are going to retreat any fields you need to get it done now or forget about it.  We have to protect the flag leaf to get seed fill and prevent shriveled kernels and low bushel weights.  Once we lose green leaf surface area to disease the best we can do is stop it, we can't make it green again.  Most of the fungicide labels have a cutoff at flowering which is very quickly approaching.  As long as the plants continue to stay wet, both stripe rust and septoria will be able to advance at will.  Talk with your CPS fieldman about your options.