CPS Soybean Variety Trial

Josh Nelson
CPS Tangent

Left Dyna-Grow and  Right Legend
 In an effort to continually look outside of the box CPS has put together a Soybean variety trial. During the first year of the trial the objective was find varieties that would reach full maturity here in the Willamette Valley. Two promising varieties are from Dyna-Grow and Legend.

Hand Rouging Blue River 09F8

 Another main objective of the trial was to grow the Soybeans with minimal input. Our herbicide program did involve both a pre-plant incorperation treatment and a post emergence application when the beans were 4-6 inches tall. We only watered twice to induce the varieties to mature earlier. Cameren is seen here cleaning up some of the weed escapes.

Eric and Thomas evaluating Variety Trial
As with all of our trials we are very appreciative of both grower and industry support. In the foreground is Eric Horning of Horning Farms. Eric not only provided the ground for this trial, but also applied the two shots of water. In the background (right) is Thomas Endicott V.P. of Business Development from Willamette Biomass Processors, Inc. Thomas has shared a number of varieties and production ideas with us. In the background (left) Cameren is still rouging.

Please ask your CPS field represenative for more informaion about our trial or line up a time to make a tour.

Here is the OSU PNW Irrigated Soybean Production Guide.