Field Bindweed and Wild Carrot Control

Jason Bennett
CPS Tangent

With the end of Summer fast upon us it is time to start thinking about two weeds that are a problem for most people who farm in the Willamette Valley, Field Bindweed and Wild Carrot.

 Field Bindweed
 Field Bindweed is a long-lived deep rooted perennial weed that often climbs or forms dense tangled mats.  Bindweed can be a problem in just about anything you raise in the Valley and with the rain we received on Monday now is the time to control it.  There are many products that may burn the bindweed back or keep it at bay, but there are only two that will eventually kill it.  One is Glyphosate this obvious only works when dealing with a fallow piece of ground or if a field is going to come out.  The other product is Paramount.  Paramount is a systemic herbicide with plant uptake occurring by both foliage and roots. Paramount can effectively control field bindweed if applied in the fall prior to a killing frost when the plant is at least 4 inches long and actively growing.  Make sure to talk to your fieldman about the crop rotation restrictions that come along with this product, and the other products that are also available.  Bindweed is a weed that will take 2-3yrs of Fall treatment of either product to keep control of so be warned once you start make sure to finish.

  Wild Carrot
 Last but not least is everyone's favorite, Wild Carrot.  This weed is starting to show up any where and every where.  Wild Carrot invades our fields by ditch banks and/or field borders, and that is where we need to concentrate on controlling it.  The best product for controlling Wild Carrot is Chlorsulfuron or Glean as we know it.  This product is only allowed to be applied in crop areas.  For fence rows or right of ways the product that is labeled is Telar it has the same percentage of Chlorsulfuron as Glean does but is only labeled in non crop areas.  Once the Wild Carrot moves into a Tall Fescue field the most effective product is Glean, Tall Fescue is very tolerant of Glean in the late summer early fall.  The Glean applications need to be done on Tall Fescue by Septemeber 15th.  Talk to your fieldman to figure out when and if this would be the good option for you.