Rely280, New Formulation, New Label

Tanner Sheahan
CPS Tangent

The new formulation of Rely has received its full federal label and the 24c for "grasses grown for seed" has also been approved.  The rates have changed so talk with your CPS fieldman. 

I'd like to highlight one new addition to the label: we are now allowed to use Rely280 in the fall.  This label allows for a Rely280 in the fall, spring, or both.  OSU and CPS have been doing research with Rely280 in the fall for the last couple years and it will be a good addition to the toolbox for our fall chemical programs.  Like all chemicals, it won't fit everywhere but it is nice to have something else at our fingertips.

Here are some excerpts from the email we received from Barry Duerk, Bayer Crop Science rep for our area:

Enclosed is the new SLN for Rely 280 for grasses grown for seed.  This label allows for up to two applications of Rely 280 for grass seed production.  The label allows for one application in the fall and one in the spring.  The fall applications have performed well for additional bluegrass control.  
The label also contains language pertaining to having a waiver signed by the grower prior to using Rely on grass seed, this language was instituted in the first Rely label for grass seed in the late 1990's.  As Rely has become more accepted by growers in the Willamette Valley, this practice has become more relaxed.  For those that feel the need to follow the waiver language, a waiver is also enclosed.  The work conducted by BCS and various researchers in the Willamette Valley has shown no additional concerns for grass seed regarding the new formulation or the multiple applications as long as the label directions are followed.  

Thank you, Barry Duerk 
This new formulation has performed very well in side-by-side trials with the previous formulation.  Again, the rates are different now so be sure to check with your CPS fieldman.

While Rely in grass seed production has been around for a while, the addition of a fall application to the label is new so we want to thank Barry Duerk and Bayer for funding the research to get that label.  OSU's research team and Joe Cacka of CPS were also instrumental in gathering the data required to support the label.