Plot Tour: Bayer Crop Science (Video)

Tanner Sheahan
CPS Tangent

It was a great day for a plot tour yesterday.  The Tangent group went out with Barry Duerk of Bayer Crop Science to take a second look at some research plots for a new product, Alion, that Bayer will be releasing in the next couple years.  It looks like we may have a "tree nut and vine" label for sometime later this year but more research is needed to support a grass seed label.  Alion will most likely go through the IR4 program so it will be essential to have industry support to get a grass seed label.  We need new chemical tools in the grass seed market but in many cases we really need the support of growers to move forward with research and to pursue labels.

Alion plot in carbon seeded perennial ryegrass, January 2011
Alion plot, established perennial ryegrass, January 2011
 Here's a word from Barry Duerk of Bayer Crop Science about Alion.  (Thanks to Jason Bennett for being the first Tangent guy on video for the blog.)

The weather was not nearly as nice the first time we looked at these plots back in December of 2010.  Rainy, windy, swampy...the plots looked good though. 

Alion Plots on established Perennial Ryegrass, December 2010.
Alion trial on tall fescue, December 2010.
Thanks to Seth Gersdorf of Bayer for doing the research so we can learn about these products before the labels come out.  Talk to your CPS fieldman for more information or if you would like to see results from this trial.