Stripe Rust in Wheat

Cameren Moran

Today I got a chance to look our wheat variety trial and I noticed one thing. Nearly EVERYTHING I looked at had some amount of rust in it. I also looked at an experimental variety that I did not see rust in. This includes (minus the experimental) the following varieties, Madsen, Goetze, Tubbs 06, Badger, and Goetze/Skiles mixed. This is just a heads up for those who are wondering what varieties have some and which do not. Here is a rating based on my findings today, 1 being most susceptible.

It will be interesting to follow these varieties and see if this same pattern holds.

1. Badger
2. Tubbs 06
3. Goetze
4. Goetze/Skiles mix
5. Madsen

Contact your CPS field man if you have any questions or worries in your fields.