Stripe Rust Update

Cameren Moran

We received this e-mail yesterday and we thought we should pass it along to all you folks. It may be some repeating but it is good information for us.

FYI:  Willamette Valley Stripe Rust Update from Mike Flowers, OSU Cereals Specialist
February 10, 2011
Stripe rust is here!  We have received reports from across the valley of active stripe rust infections in Tubbs 06 and Goetze fields.  The infection severity varies by field, but it is clear that a large amount of stripe rust survived the winter.  This indicates that we are likely to see heavy stripe rust pressure in the valley this spring.  
Recommended Actions:
Scout all wheat fields now.  If stripe rust is found treat fields as soon as possible.  Do not wait to tank mix a fungicide with your herbicide application in 2-3 weeks.  Stripe rust can increase 10 fold each generation, so it is very important to get infected fields treated early.  Given the early infection date and our experience from last year it is likely that multiple fungicide applications will be required this spring.  Be prepared to make 1-2 fungicide applications before flag leaf emergence as well as a fungicide application at flag leaf emergence.  Remember fungicide applications after flag leaf emergence are rarely economically beneficial, so treat stripe rust early.  Fungicide application timing and frequency will vary by field and be dictated by the stripe rust severity.  Field scouting should continue throughout the spring to insure good stripe rust control.      
Apologies for any duplication
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