Still holding onto wheat?

Corey Burns
CPS Tangent

Still have wheat in your warehouse? We are now into March and your Malathion or Storcide application at harvest is well past its life span. Bug activity is at its best at temperatures above 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The average core temperature of wheat stored in the valley today is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  As we move into spring that temperature will start increasing and could bring the beetles alive. Even at temperatures in the low 60’s I am finding a few beetles at the very bottom of piles. The three most common beetles I’m finding are the confused flour beetle, red flour beetle, and flat grain beetle. These beetles are only about 3mm long and are pretty hard to spot. When your wheat is being graded it only takes 3 live insects to be considered “sample grade” wheat. If you have any concerns about bugs in your wheat contact myself or your CPS fieldman.
Flat Grain Beetle next to a kernel of wheat

Corey Burns