Alion Approved by EPA

Tanner Sheahan
CPS Tangent

The much anticipated Alion herbicide from Bayer Crop Science has received its first federal label for Citrus/Stone/Pome Fruit, Tree Nuts and Pistachios.  You may remember the plots we've been looking at for the past year in grass seed production and the video of Barry Duerk talking about this chemistry.  This chemical will be a good addition to the toolbox in the future.  It is a very strong pre-emergent herbicide.

Here is a link to the new label for Alion Herbicide.

CPS, OSU, and Bayer are working on research data to back a grass seed label for Alion but it will be a couple years before all that goes through.  If you would like to see some plot work or talk about research data and future uses for this product talk with your CPS Fieldman.