Rusty Wheat?

Cameren Moran
CPS Tangent

  I believe that everyone has seen rust in wheat around the valley so it isn't an uncommon subject. But i have some information some might find interesting.

    Pat Boren and myself planted a variety trial this year similar to what some of you got to tour last year. We noticed some rust early on and i did a thorough evaluation of the varieties in February. We planted 7 different varieties of wheat on October 10th. and did an early rust evaluation on Feb. 8th. I found rust in 6 of the varieties.

   Joe Cacka, and Paolo Sanguankeo CPS agronomists did another evaluation on May, 9 to see how the plants and rust is developing. The plots where sprayed on March, 17th with a shot of fungicide so we had over 7 weeks for rust to develop out of the fungicide and the evaluation was of the 2nd leaf from the newly extended leaf (flag leaf hadnt completely emerged.) Here are the results...

  As you can see there is a lot of rust which is obvious around the valley. I thought these were good graphs to look at for everyone in order to compare varieties.

Ask your local CPS team if you have any questions.