Variable Rate Fertilizer Application

Bob Schroeder
CPS Tangent

got variability?

For over a decade, CPS in Tangent has been soil sampling and addressing the variability in the many soil types here in the Willamette Valley.  Variable rate lime applications have become a standard for many growers.  For some, with the increasing costs of fertilizer, and the ability to variable rate apply other nutrients there has been increased interest and application of the major nutrients.  New to CPS and the growers we serve, Lakeside Ag Ventures, LLC of Albany has begun offering variable rate applications with their new Dave Gilmour built dual bin dry applicator.  Veteran applicator Dave Nofziger captains the spreader with GPS guidance offering straight rate and variable rate applications to Willamette Valley growers.  If this is a service you are interested in, contact your CPS crop advisor to schedule your soil sampling needs, whether they be grid samples, zone samples, or smart samples and arrange for Dave Nofziger to complete the job.