Filbert Moths

Cameren Moran
CPS Tangent

Its that time of the year again to be putting up the traps to monitor for Filbert moths. For those of you that are not filbert growers here is a little info.

Filbert Moths are a great indicator for spraying filbert orchards in order to get rid of the chance of filbert worm. We place a trap in the upper 1/3 of the canopy on the outer edge of the orchard which have a pheromone lure placed inside. The traps are checked once a week throughout the season and are usually  removed before harvest.
When moth counts get to 2-3 moths in a trap we often recommend spraying an insecticide to control the moths from laying eggs.

 Below is the Filbert Moth

The reason this is such a large deal is because of the larval feeding on the nut. The larvae will bore into the husk and shell and feed on the nut for about 2 week. They will then chew an exit hole and the larvae will drop to the soil. This damage will cause the nut to abort early and can be a vector for other pests.

Filbert worm coming out of nut


Above are filberts that have received damage

I hope this has provided a little information to those of you who didnt know much on these little varmints. Be sure to ask your CPS field man if you have any other questions regarding the subject.

Be Sure to Protect Your Nuts!