Hazelnut School Review

Cameren Moran

Last Wednesday our northern branches put together a CPS Hazelnut School that was a great success.

Topics included
  • Orchard management and use of soil/tissue analysis
  • weed, disease, and nutritional strategies for young orchards
  • essentials of potassium nutrition
  • pest monitoring, weed and insect control
  • hazelnut variety selection
  • calcium use strategies on new and older orchards
  • disease management in new and older orchards
  • George Packing Company's, perspective on market

There were many discussions throughout the meeting and if you have any questions regarding the school feel free to ask your CPS field man about the latest hazelnut info.

A piece of hazelnut info: For Jefferson polinizers the recommended mix is as follows; 40% Felix, 20% Eta, 20% Theta. As for a Daviana polinizer replacement York looks to be a prime candidate.

Thank You to all who came to the class and we hope you gained some knowledge or refreshed your knowledge on hazelnuts.