Lane County Ag Chemical Removal, Mar. 7th & 13th

Tanner Sheahan
CPS Tangent

I got the following email from Linda Renslow and Ross Penhallogen of OSU so I wanted to pass this along to our south Valley growers.

Agricultural Chemical Removal Project 2012
Lane County Waste Management (along with many partners) will be hosting an Agricultural Chemical Collection event March 7 & 13, 2012.  Once again, there will be no charge to the farmers (or future liability) for those chemicals brought in for disposal.
This year, the collection event will be limited to Lane County growers, and the chemicals will have to be delivered by the owner/staff (i.e., no mass collection of chemicals by one person for several farmers.)
Call for an appointment: McKenzie Farmers: Nancy Toth - 541-685-7438
Middle Fork Willamette Farmers - Amy Chinitz, SUB 541-744-3745
SWV Groundwater Management Area: Audrey Eldridge - 541-776-6029
Other Lane County Farmers: Ross Penhallegon - 541-344-1709
Package chemicals/fertilizers carefully!
Drop off location: Lane County Glenwood Central Receiving Station

In the past we at CPS, thanks to Bob Spinney, have collected chemicals from many of our customers to be dropped off at events like this one as a service to our growers. This will not be the case with this event as stated above. So please keep the dates in mind so that you can utilize this opportunity to get rid of unwanted and old chemicals you may have on the farm. As always, get in touch with your CPS Fieldman on which chemical should be discarded.