Pruning Workshop Follow Up

This morning was our Filbert pruning/demonstration. Lane County extension agent Ross Pennhallegon did a great job with explaining his concept of really opening up orchards in order to get as much sunlight into the orchard and to push the trees into new growth. This light and new growth gives the trees a larger area to produce nuts and may be key to having a high yield orchard.

         Here is the group in Mid-Valley's Barcelona orchard discussing which limbs to remove.

This is the group looking at Wirth farm's 3 year old Jefferson Filberts.

At Wirth farms Ross discussed proper pruning techniques for young orchards. He also talked about protecting the trucks with latex paint or protective sleeves and other various young orchard management techniques.

Tangent CPS would like to thank Ross Pennhallegon, Mid-Valley Farms, and Wirth Farms for helping put this together and letting us walk through their orchards.