Hyslop Plot Tour

Tanner Sheahan
CPS Tangent

A couple weeks ago we had a snowy rainy tour of some of own research plots. This week we had the great opportunity to view similar research plots at Hyslop farm and also to share our plots with OSU researchers and extension specialists Carol Mallory-Smith, Andy Hulting, and Dan Curtis. It didn't rain on us the whole time...

We looked at several plots with Alion, Matrix, and another potential new product in carbon planted perennial. Many of these new products have very long soil residual so the focus of these trials is not merely crop safety in the carbon planting but also carry-over this fall and next spring. These plots will be drilled to various crops this spring as well as this coming fall to test for chemical damage and residual activity from these products applied last fall.

There is a lot of work to be done on these new products before we can get labels for grass seed. It is essential that growers are behind the research being conducted by the University as well as our own CPS research. We need to be willing to cooperate with on-farm trials as well as giving input to researchers  We will need a united front between producers, suppliers, chemical companies, and the specialists at Oregon State University to get new products like these labelled in a timely manner.

But taking the time to do the proper research is important because we need to know how these products will behave over a longer timeline. As an example, flax is making a come-back here in the Valley. Here's what fall planted flax looks like for those of you who haven't seen it before.

With all the specialty seed crops we grow and the potential crop rotations we have it is essential that we have a pretty good idea what any new product may do to subsequent crops.

Thanks a bunch OSU Weed Science, Carol Mallory-Smith, Andy Hulting, and Dan Curtis for all the work they do and for hosting a great tour with us.