Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor hail...

Tanner Sheahan
CPS Tangent

Well, we always seem to pick the best days for plot tours. The guys from Tangent went out Tuesday morning to look at three trial locations with the new chemicals, Alion and Matrix, on carbon planted perennial. We've posted about Alion plots before. We also had some similar trials last year that we were able to look at with Barry Duerk of Bayer Crop Science (we had a video with that one!).

 The carbon-planting plots constisted of varying rates of Alion and Matrix compared to the grower-standard practice of Karmex+Kerb followed by Nortron.  There were a few "mistakes" made on these trials that turned out making these three locations really, really interesting. In one case the applicator sprayed over our plots so we got a chance to see different rates of Alion and Matrix with Karmex+Kerb right over the top.

At another location our research-applicator mixed a double batch so we were able to see what fairly high rates of these chemicals look like. The crop starts getting a little tough at the high now we know. You know it's a good trial when you have some dead rectangles out there.

We also looked at chemical a screening trial for broadleaf weed control on fall planted Chicory. That was pretty interesting, there were some surprises in there. Some products didn't do as well as you would think and others looked pretty good.

We always learn a lot from trials like these. Overall we were impressed with the new products that will become available to us in the coming years. Thanks to the guys doing all the hard work to put these trials out so we can learn and a big thanks to our customers who are so willing to participate in the research.

If you have any questions about any of these plots or you would like to look at them yourself, please talk to your CPS fieldman.