Plant Growth Regulators on Annual Ryegrass

Pat Boren
CPS Tangent

The use of Growth Regulators (Palisade & Apogee) on Annual Ryegrass has been researched for many years.  In the years 2004-2007 Crop production Services conducted 18 trials on annual ryegrass.  In the last couple years there has been renewed interest in using Growth Regulators (PGR) on Annual Ryegrass.  With this in mind we conducted 20 trials in 2011 using Palisade and Apogee on Annual Ryegrass

The Results from CPS research on using PGR's on annual ryegrass:
·    In 2011, in the 20 trials, 5 trials showed increased yields that would provide a profit after paying for application and product.
·    In our research over all the years there have been cases of very good yield improvement in the 400-600 lb/ac range.
·    There are a large number of variables that complicate the evaluation:
   -timing of application
   -variety; tetraploid vs diploid
   -sheeped vs non-sheeped
   -soil type and drainage
   -weather impact of each year
   -rate per acre
·    We looked at all the variables over all the years in our research, and OSU’s, and determined that positive yield increases are not always predictable. With the use of a PGR on Tall Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass we feel confident of getting strong positive results when recommending the products, however the use on Annual Ryegrass is not as reliable.

The take home message: The decision whether to use a PGR on Annual Ryegrass is not easy.  Work with your CPS fieldman to see if PGR's have a fit on your farm with your annual ryegrass management system.