Reminder: Hyslop Tomorrow, Tangent Next Week

Tanner Sheahan
CPS Tangent

A quick reminder to you all that the Hyslop Farm Field Day is tomorrow, May 30, from 8:30am-430pm at Hyslop Farm off of Granger Rd and Hwy 20 NE of Corvallis. There are morning and afternoon sessions that will cover both cereal and seed production topics. Many of the issues we've written about recently, like cucumber beetles eating spring plantings or the "new" Stagonospora nodorum Blotch, will likely be covered at some point during the day. This field day is a fantastic opportunity to see all the work OSU puts into research at the Hyslop Farm and to meet many of the OSU extension and research specialists who make it all happen. Feel free to ask your CPS fieldman for additional information on the Field Day.
Tangent guys walking through our wheat variety/fungicide trial.
I also wanted to give you a heads-up that the CPS Tangent crew is planning a tour of our research plots out on Hwy 34 for next Wednesday, June 6. We have a wheat variety and fungicide trial, a clover variety plot and set of barley variety plots. Many of you have come out to look at our trials in the past and we look forward to it again this year. More info coming.

Triticale on the left and several varieties of malting and feed barley.
As long as I'm writing reminders I'll also mention the OSU Barley Day Friday, June 8. Here's the post from a couple weeks back with all the info about the Barley tour along with contact info for Pat Hayes.
The white clover variety trial. We'll also compare mowing timings.
Enjoy the sun this week!