Follow up information from the Grower Meeting on Nov 27th

Jammie Wutzke
CPS Tangent

Here are the web links I mentioned in my presentation Does Precision Farming Pay? at the grower meeting on Tuesday.  The following are calculators that you can use to put in your variables particular to your operation and determine your estimate savings by adopting technology.  (Launch Calculator)  -(Tool/Calculators)

The is great if you are thinking about putting in a fixed base station for RTK correction signal, it figures in trees and ground contours and allows you to see what your line of site coverage would be.

If the Jeopardy Quiz sparked some additional questions about Worker Protection Standards feel free to contact our presenters Laurie Gordon with Oregon Dept of AG Pesticide User Certification & Licensing (541) 617-6097 or Garnet Cooke with Oregon OSHA (503) 378-3274