98th Annual Hazelnut Meeting

Tanner Sheahan
CPS Tangent

I'm currently attending the Hazelnut Grower's meeting at the Portland Ag Expo, the 98th Annual meeting I might add! The keynote speakers are Stefanno Gagliasso, Camillo Scocco, and Ettere Fontana from Ferrero procurement and business development in Luxembourg. Ferroro is the world's largest buyer of hazelnuts and an international leader in confections with some 72 affiliated companies under their umbrella. You are probably most familiar with Nutella and Ferrero Rocher, those delicious little golden globes. Ferrero is the biggest player and their outlook is bright for the future of the hazelnut global market.

Based on a ten-year average, Oregon (which represents approximately 94% of US hazelnut production) comprises about 4% of the world's total production. If we continue to strongly promote Oregon's high quality as a "brand" we will continue to be a leader in the in-shell hazelnut market and therefore command a premium for a premium product.

Talk with your CPS Feldman for more information on hazelnut production in the Willamette Valley.