New tool for mouse control in your warehouse.

Corey Burns
CPS Tangent

We finally have a new soft bait!
Soft bait has been a great innovation for rodent control in warehouses, but we need to be mindful of rotating active ingredients. With the baits on the market today it is rare for mice to become "bait shy", but it is very possible for them to build up a bait tolerance. To help avoid bait tolerance it is important to rotate active ingredients a couple of times per year.
About two years ago we were introduced to a soft bait rodenticide called FastDraw. This bait has been a key part in warehouse pest management when paired up with bait blocks of the same active ingredient.
Now that we have another new soft bait on the market we will be able to continue using blocks in conjunction with soft bait and not worry about Mighty Mouse building a bait tolerance.

Contact Corey at 541.990.7639 for more information on bait combinations and rotations.