Oregon Ryegrass

Willamette Valley Growers and Fieldmen visited several farms, fields and growers this past week en route to the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky.  Many Midwestern and Southern growers are discovering the benefits of planting winter cover crops of annual ryegrass and radish in their corn, soybean, and wheat operations.  It has been a steep educational challenge to help growers realize the benefits of these covercrop options, because so many have not effectively been able to control the ryegrass in their crops and considered it a weed.  Rick Murdock of Ponderosa Farms and AgConnections spent a day with some of our own fieldmen and growers looking at his own successes with ryegrass, but also visiting other growers in  Calloway County, Kentucky and talking to them about their operations and the use of cover crops.
Annual Ryegrass Cover crop in Murray, Kentucky

Grower Rick Murdock discusses the use of Radish and Cereal rye and Annual Ryegrass Seed  as cover crop options in Western Kentucky.