Spring Fertilizer

Curt Dannen
CPS Tangent

Spring fertilizer season has started! Our branch has been working hard all winter in preparation for another successful year of taking care of your farm product & service needs.  We have already moved quite a bit of fertilizer during our latest dry spell in February, so we are getting "warmed up" and working the bugs out of the systems. Our goal is to get our customer's the best, quality product, as quickly as possible. I have always said it means very little if 'we' think we have the best service. It only matters if 'you' believe we have the best service. Let us know if we are not meeting your expectations.
On another note, we are asking for your help on a few important things:
1. Many of you order "custom" blends for certain crops or fields. Unfortunately we do not have enough room to store returns on the many "custom" blends that are sold each season. Try and order what you need. You may return common blends, such as 16-16-16, 40-0-0-6, etc. We appreciate you helping us out on this request.
2. Remember to secure your loads well, to prevent a possible hazardous spill along roadways. These accidents can become extremely expensive when a HazMat crew is dispatched. Pass this on to all your employees as well.
3. Please slow down when entering our facility. Keeping speeds down to 15mph or slower will help insure we do not have any serious vehicle/pedestrian accidents. Also, approach our scale slowly and do not jam on your brakes while moving onto the scale. We have had problems with this, and our scale has actually been knocked off of its "stands" in the past. A repair takes several hours.
Thanks and have a very safe and successful year.