Wishing you the best in retirement Dr.Glenn Fisher!

Joe Moade
CPS Tangent

Recently friends, family, coworkers, and CPS celebrated Glenn's career in Oregon Ag.  Glenn as an extension entomologist worked on major production problems such as bill bugs in orchard grass, aphids in red clover, slugs in field crops, sod web worms in cranberries, craneflies in grass, Symphylans in row crops, aphids and BYD virus in grass, and many others.  Pretty much if it walked, crawled or slimed Glenn studied it. His hard work to find practical solutions to tough problems has provided farmers with tools that improve quality and productivity.

Glenn Fisher and Carol Garbacik share stories as others celebrate Glenn's contributions to Oregon Agriculture.  
Mark Mellbye and Glenn Fisher

Pat Boren, Diane Fisher and Amy Dreves

Thank you Glenn
 From all of us at Crop Production Services.