Got roughstalk?

Jason Bennett
CPS Tangent

Want to give everybody an update on our roughstalk trials we had.

As many of you know Tangent CPS put out a number of plots to get a handle on and control roughstalk bluegrass.  We had 2 big trials in grower fields and we had another big trial at our research farm where we planted roughstalk last fall.  Unfortunately we learned there is not one product alone, labeled in grass seed, that will control roughstalk bluegrass.  However we did learn how important it is to have the product applied prior to any roughstalk sprout.  We were able to look at 11 different products and how they act individually on roughstalk.  Our trials had roughly 650 different chemical combinations at each location, there was a lot to look at!  Once we got into late winter early spring we started seeing very good separation among chemicals and different combinations.  From these plots we have learned the top 4-5 products that have activity on roughstalk and also the importance of applying product pre-emergence. 

Our plan for this fall is to continue our research with small plots on our research farm and grower fields, but look into how we can use the top products better to gain roughstalk control.  This spring, at the research farm, we planted tall fescue and roughstalk inner planted in it.  We are currently watering the tall fescue and roughstalk up.  By this fall we hope to have strong tall fescue and also roughstalk.  Ask your Tangent CPS fieldman about what products really stood out and which ones failed.