South Valley Crop Tour Wednesday, May 22nd

Joe Moade
CPS Tangent

Oregon State Extension is having their annual field crop tour, a great warm up for their Hyslop Field day that will be at the end of the month. 
Hope to see you at one or both.

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Nicole P. Anderson
OSU Extension Service
503-553-9922 (cell)

  2013 Annual South Valley
Field Crops Tour
Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 1 p.m. Field Crop Tour Agenda Stop 1.
1 p.m. Wheat Variety Trials
Mid-Valley Farms – Dennis Glaser and Sons  Mike Flowers wheat variety discussion and update
 Chris Mundt wheat disease update
 Nicole Anderson, Fungicide and Palisade trials update
 Directions: Southeast of Tangent. Take Tangent Loop S to Wirth Rd., plots on E side of Wirth Rd.
Stop 2.
3 p.m. OSU weed management’s grass seed production research plots
Andy Hulting weed management update.  Roughstock bluegrass management update
 Directions: Northeast of Tangent. Take Hwy 34 to Columbus St. North to 34344 SE Columbus St. Plots are on W side of the road across from farm shop, prior to Horn Ln.
Sponsored by the OSU Extension Service Resource People: Nicole Anderson – OSU North Valley Extension Agent, Mike Flowers – OSU Extension cereal specialist, Chris Mundt – OSU wheat disease scientist, and Andy Hulting – OSU Extension weed