OWGL Newsletter Addresses GMO Wheat Discovery

Tanner Sheahan
CPS Tangent

Many of you know Dan Steiner at Morrow County Grain Growers because many of you receive his daily email summarizing the grain markets and speaking specifically about the PNW. Dan also spoke at our annual grower meeting a couple years ago.

I asked Dan if he could pass along any more info or give us a statement from his expert perspective on the GMO wheat discovered in Oregon and how that may affect the wheat market for local growers. He sent me the Special Edition Newsletter from the Oregon Wheat Growers League. Lots of info there, thanks Dan!

I've linked the five page PDF below. Enjoy.

OWGL Special Edition Newsletter

We'll try to post any new info we can get. If you want to receive Dan's daily email you can contact him through the Morrow County Grain Growers website.