Hazelnuts, Truffles and the Willamette Valley

Jed Cappellazzi
CPS Agronomy

There was considerable interest at the Tangent CPS Hazelnut Growers Meeting about Truffle cultivation in the Willamette Valley.  I wanted to include some information here to help you along the decision making pathway.  I will refer you to an economic feasibility study conducted by David Pilz and other mycologists.  Trees inoculated with various truffle species can be purchased locally from New World Truffieres in Eugene, Oregon.  Management will be different from typical hazelnut orchards, particularly the use of systemic fungicides; a list of common fungicides with effects on ectomycorrhizal fungi is available from Mycorrhizal Applications out of Grants Pass, OR.  However, these have NEVER been tested on plants associated with Truffles and results may vary.  I would be happy to field other questions in the future and talk with anyone interested about the topic.  This may become an active research area in the future!