A Word from the CPS West Region Recruiter

Rae Westersund
CPS West Region - Recruiter
As spring draws closer students are finding themselves closer to summer break, which has quite a few thinking, “What am I going to do for a summer job?” This is where they now panic and start hitting up the collegiate career centers, and career fairs all in hopes of securing something that will look good on their resume, or bring them some needed income (or hopefully both).

As a recruiter I see these things happen and I can’t help but offer some advice for Ag students wishing to work at CPS.

  1. Start looking for your summer job early! And by early I mean fall/winter of the preceding year. A lot of CPS branches will have summer openings comes available at the end of the summer, and these are usually filled by the end of the calendar year. If you want to work at a branch, communicate these interests with them almost a year in advance, so that if/when a position is available they use you to fill it. Besides being proactive, searching for your summer job early shows bosses that you are organized, attentive, and passionate.
  2. Apply for positions in person (when you are able). It says a lot about a candidate when they take initiative to apply for a position in person. In the generation of internet, Agriculture is still based on traditional values including face to face interactions. When you apply for a position in person, the branch manager is able to judge your character, and you may end up getting an interview on the spot!
  3. Be persistent! If a CPS location doesn't have an immediate opening, be sure to keep contact with the branch, and do not settle for no-reply. At CPS we are always hiring the “right candidate”, so even if there isn't a need at that location, your persistence could pay off.
  4. Understand what CPS is about, and know the crops and technologies used in the area. If you want the quick version –“CPS is the world’s largest Ag input supplier; we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with quality fertilizers, seed, and pesticides, and employing the most knowledgeable crop consultants in the industry. Utilizing our in-house Dyna Gro Seed, and Loveland Nutritional and Crop Protection, CPS is sure that you will profit from our experience”. Besides understanding CPS- What is Loveland? What is Dyna-Gro? What is Crop Connect? Learn the crops and concerns of the area you wish to be working in.
  5. When you get an internship or entry level job, be thankful for it! There is no entitlement in Agriculture; goals are achieved by hard work and dedication. No matter what job your branch asks you to do, do it! It doesn't matter if you have already walked three fields that morning and want to go back to bed, it doesn't matter if you would rather be at a BBQ then checking bug traps, it doesn't matter if you think your degree puts you above doing chemical deliveries…. When you do every job asked of you willingly and welcoming, your peers warm to you, and you advance further and faster in your career.
For any Ag Students looking for a summer internship, CPS Tangent, and CPS Cornelius have openings. To apply for these positions, you can submit your resume online at the CPS Careers Page or apply in person at the respective branch.

CPS is one of the best Ag retailers in which to build a career. Not only do we have great incentives and benefits, but we respect and value our employees. Stay tuned for our next post about what makes CPS so good to work for!