Local Blog, Global Audience

Tanner Sheahan
CPS Tangent

We have a great team at Tangent and, among many things, it has been fun to work on this blog over the last four years. One part that I enjoy is watching the readership grow. Blogger has some great statistic and analytic features that tell us where our readers are coming from. With the Winter Olympics going on right now it easy to think about international interactions so I thought it might interest many of our local Willamette Valley growers and readers to see a graphic of traffic sources for the blog. It's interesting to see that we consistently get visits from around the world.

Total traffic sources since we launched the blog in January 2010.
So, here's an official "hello and thank you" from the Tangent crew to our readers in Ukraine, China, Canada, Russia, Germany, and the rest of the countries who view this blog as a resource.

We started out seeking a way to connect with our local growers and create a medium to get information out for you, to build on the Tangent mission statement of customer service and excellence, and to build our reputation as a market leader in our region. But it's also pretty cool to see the internet give us a reach far beyond our part of the Valley.

Thank you to all our customers for your continued loyalty and support both in business and as family.