Meadowfoam 2014

Bob Schroeder
CPS Tangent

With the unusual weather the past two months, timing and conditions have changed for our normal treatment of the meadowfoam crop.  As the snow has melted and the rains have returned, it is time to try and get your fields treated as the water recedes and the surfaces firm enough to drive on.  The cooler temperatures and moisture has slowed down the crop somewhat, but don't wait too long to get across the meadowfoam.

We have had the bright sticky traps in many of the meadowfoam fields around the valley and have been picking up a few of the Meadowfoam fruitfly in the traps.  Numbers have been low so far, but treatment is still recommended especially if you are already going across the fields with a grass herbicide and fertilizer treatment.   Insecticide options include Brigade 2EC and Loveland Dimethoate 400.  See the labels or talk to your CPS fieldman if you have questions.