Snow and more Snow

Joe Moade
CPS Tangent

As the snow is still falling here in the greater Corvallis, Tangent, and Albany areas, I thought it would be fun to recap the last few days snow events with some pictures.

Wednesday evening.  Looks like we might get snow?
I wonder how much?

Thursday starting to get white out.

Thursday afternoon getting deeper.
Jed's official measurement.

Tanners official Thursday measurement.

Tanners official Friday measurement.

Snow Fun!

Josh's measurement Thursday.

Joe's Thursday measurement.
Moade's Friday measurement.
The ruler is under his hand.

Yes the I did share the sled with the kids!

Snow Angle Burns!
Snow Slide!

Snow Man?

Mary's Peak is out there somewhere in the distance. 

Little bit more snow.

Thank you and keep warm.