ZP Bait, Oregon SLN 2014

Pat Boren
CPS Tangent

As a reminder to our customers who may be doing some below-ground baiting for vole control in fields right now: you must have the Special Local Needs (SLN) for ZP Rodent Bait Ag in hand during the baiting process.

Below is the actual application restrictions according to the label.

  • Do not allow bait to be exposed on bare ground. 
  • Do not allow ANY pellets to be placed above-ground during the application. 
  • Applications must be made in a manner that does not allow access to ANY zinc phosphide pellets by non-target animals (geese, dogs, etc.). 
  • Applicators must wear chemically resistant gloves when hand baiting. 
  • Do not apply if rain is forecast within the next 24 hours. 

Please click the link above to print a PDF copy of the Oregon SLN for ZP bait for below-ground vole baiting in grasses grown for seed.

Talk with your CPS Fieldman for more information.