ODA Approves SLNs for ZP Baits

Pat Boren
CPS Tangent

We received an email today from ODA regarding the approval of broadcast applications of various ZP Baits for vole control. Here is a PDF copy of the Grass Seed Advisory for ZP baits issued by ODA. The approved SLNs are linked below.

Here are the labels for the products approved by ODA:

ZP Ag Pellets Broadcast Application SLN (Bell) Motomco label here.
Prozap Pellets Broadcast Application SLN (Hacco)
Prozap Oat Bait Broadcast Application SLN (Hacco)

Since voles can be a very serious problem in our seed and grain production fields, it is very important that we continue to steward these products well. Please talk with your CPS Fieldman for more information on broadcast applications of ZP bait.