Wireless Nitrate Soil Sensor

Jammie Wutzke
CPS Tangent

Yesterday I attended the Southern Willamette Valley Groundwater Management Area committee meeting for the first time with an interest in mind to learn more about a Wireless Nitrate Sensor developed by Calden Carroll Stimpson . Calden was working on his doctorate in supramolecular chemistry at U of O when he discovered he could detect Nitrate, which at the time he thought was an accident. He learned while giving his defense, the ability to detect nitrate was a big deal and has lead him to developing a business, Suprasensor Technologies. Calden is not to market with the product yet, he stressed the technology was still in alpha testing, but will be out doing field testing for real world applications. Just in agriculture alone there is a huge potential for this type of sensing to know enough nitrate in is the root zone and reduce wasted applications of fertilizer all from the convenience of a smart phone. 
Calden Carroll Stimpson with sample nitrate sensors