The New South Valley Extension Agent

Clare Sullivan Introduction/Bio

Clare Sullivan is very excited to be starting as the new Southern Willamette Valley Field Crops Extension Agent.  Clare recently moved to Oregon from the Fraser Valley of British Columbia where she worked for the Ministry of Agriculture.  Originally from Ontario, Clare has studied and worked within B.C. agriculture for the last 10 years and is very familiar with the Pacific Northwest.

Clare’s passion for agricultural research began during her bachelor’s degree from the University of British Columbia, and quickly grew as she worked with local farmers on nutrient and integrated pest management.  She pursued her interest in soil management by completing a master’s in Soil Science from the University of Saskatchewan in 2012.  In Saskatchewan Clare engaged local growers through field research that evaluated new techniques for reduced tillage, the management of green manures, and nutrient availability and uptake.  During her time on the prairies she also presented at several grower field days and scientific conferences.

Most recently, Clare coordinated a region-wide soil study with the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture in the Fraser Valley.  Since 2012 she worked closely with 100 growers from six different cropping systems to evaluate nutrient management practices.  The project was a great opportunity to work with a diversity of growers and also industry and government representatives. 

Without Extension in Canada, this move to work in the US has been a long-time goal for Clare.  Field work, objective research, collaboration, innovative problem-solving, accountability to growers, and a focus on local research needs are all aspects of the job that have drawn Clare to Extension.  She is highly anticipating working with South Valley growers, field reps and OSU faculty on the agronomic issues at hand.  Clare is particularly interested in exploring integrated approaches to weed, pest and nutrient management.  Being fluent in French and Spanish, she also welcomes any chance to combine her language skills with work.

As a newbie to the Willamette Valley, Clare is looking forward to being closer to surf, exploring the outdoors, meeting new people, and maybe finally learning to play the banjo.